re at Country Stars Cattery,

we will producing a variety of
healthy Ragdoll kittens. We will
be producing both traditional kittens
as well as the more rare mink
ragdoll kittens!

We place a high emphasis on health,
temperament, and beauty
(in that order), while
maintaining the large size that the
Ragdoll breed is known for.

Ragdolls are known for their unusually sweet disposition. They are very "doglike"in several of their characteristics.Some will even play fetch!

Ragdolls like to follow their owners around the house and always want to be part of the action.  Ragdoll cats are easily trainable and easy to care for.

 That, coupled with their extraordinary beauty, has made them one of the most popular pets to own. A ragdoll cat is one you cannot live without, once an owner.

Because they lack "fighting" instincts, a

 ragdoll cat should NEVER be let outside.

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Family Raised kttens

Sue Thies 303-888-7627
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Country Stars
Ragdoll Cattery

We raise healthy, floppy ragdoll cats from our Colorado Home!

"the golden retriever of the the kitty world"

Health and Temperament
are our #1 goals!

*A Tica registered cattery

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Welcome to the country of Ragdoll Cats and Kittens!  We are a small tica registered cattery in Colorado, southeast of Denver, near Parker.
Our Ragdolls are raised in our home as part of our family. Our kittens are happy and  healthy, and provide lots of humor in our home!  Our family of cats are loved and kissed daily, so they are very well socialized when they go to their forever homes!

Last Updated Feb. 28th, 2011

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"This cattery has NOT been inspected by and is not endorsed by The International Cat Association, Inc."
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